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KIC Composer

Select Clips

Once pages are scanned, KIC automatically select photos, charts, and paragraphs. Users can simply touch and drag to select an area, or just touch a photo, chart or paragraph and drag it to the digital clipboard.

Compose Page

Move clips individually from the clipboard to existing pages, or start a new blank page. Then design your layout by arranging, rescaling, rotating clips, and/or adding annotations, frames, and clipart.

KIC Composer Interface

Save & Send

Shrink, enlarge, and rotate clip to create any layout. Undo changes, remove clips, until your creation is complete. It's digital desktop publishing, easy as 1-2-3, at your fingertips.

KIC Family Scanners

Use KIC's huge touch screen to easily arrange, rescale, rotate clips, and/or add annotations, frames, and clipart.

Then save your results in a variety of file formats and send to USB, email, smart device, or cloud.