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Digital Library Systems Group is offering you and your colleagues a private one-on-one free educational Webinar on one or more of the following topics:
Digital Library Systems Group
These webinars will be valuable to you if you are:

Higher Education Librarian


Have 30 minutes of time

Webinar 1: Self-serve book scanning systems that are available to 70% of students at US universities

High-speed self-serve book scanning systems instantly turn your print collections into digitize-on-demand collections. They can scan a 30 page book excerpt in 1 to 5 minutes without damaging book spines and they have many important capabilities that are not available on ANY multifunction copier. These systems are often called the most important piece of technology in the library. They make PDF files instead of paper copies, but can print too, thus eliminating the need for copiers. A copier replacement option can be purchased or not, depending on whether a restrictive copier contract is in place. The systems you will see in the Webinar can clip, crop, split pages, remove fan & gutter easily extract specific text & images and annotate with text, graphics and emojies. Students can even scan their thesis papers and order printed books (hard- or paperback)!


This webinar also includes info about POD - wonderful outreach service that allows patrons to bring in their old print photos, scrap books, high school yearbooks, children's art, scan them and turn them into color glossy coffee table books.

Webinar 2: Visual bibliographic search & browse

Visual bibliographic search and browse facilities provide virtual reality views of your stacks. They are a wonderful way to browse your library stacks electronically on any smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere, including in the stacks. Touch a virtual book spine and instantly see bibliographic info.

Webinar 3: Basic Digitization for Small Projects
  • Scanning
  • Image Treatment
  • Metadata Capture
  • Output (derivatives of individual objects)
  • Optional (it time permits): offline Digital Archives Management

Webinar 4: Digitization Workflow for Larger Projects
  • The OPUS Workflow concept - specialization organized work queues automated file management
  • Define objects to digitize
  • Scan & Archive
  • Image Treatment & Archive
  • Metadata Capture & Archive
  • Output (derivatives of individual objects and collections)
Note: Webinar 3 is recommended before Webinar 4

Webinar 5: Interlibrary Loan 8 Digital Document Delivery
  • Automatic reading of requestor information from pull slips
  • Automatic sending without intervention by the scan operator
  • Automatic hold of all scanned articles for up to 30 days for fast correcting and easy resending
  • Automatic updating of ILLiad/Odyssey, even if the request was delivered by another means such as Ariel, Clio, FTP or email
  • Automatic image cleanup and output of 'printer-ready' images

Webinar 6: Digital Archive Managers
  • Offline – manual & semi-automated
  • Online – Fully automated

Webinar 7: Book Scanners and Feedthrough Scanners
  • High resolution book scanners: A3, A2, A1
  • Flatbed scanners
  • Feedthrough scanners


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