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MyDocs Swipe to find
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Find Your PDFs and Photos Visually

Swipe to Find Your Documents and Images Faster with MyDocs
We’ve all experienced how time-consuming it is find our documents and photos once we have hundreds of them in our tablets and phones. MyDocs has put an end to that frustration with its patented “swipe to find” matrix that’s fast, fun and silent.

Simply import your PDF files directly from your library’s KIC scanning station, from your photo gallery or from the Cloud. Be sure to tag your content in KIC or use MyDoc’s high-speed tagging feature to add information “tags” to each picture, document or other information. Then use MyDoc’s Patented Swipe-to-Find feature to scroll tag lists and images and quickly find the PDF or photo you need.
MyDocs Swipe to find
Swipe up/down and left/right to move through thousands of pages of your personal documents and find any document faster than ever before.