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Your Library's Greatest Assets are Finally in the Spotlight
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Knowledge Access Tool, the Best Way to Promote the Stacks to Patrons Students

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KAT includes images of all your library's stacks, so it's easy to browse the stacks on any smart device just by swiping the screen left or right.

For a dozen years, this shrinking student appreciation of the immense value in their institution's library's print collections has been a big problem that no one wants to talk about. Efforts to ameliorate this problem include brief mentions in freshmen orientation packets and research projects assigned by some faculty members, but the most common and most effective methods used to get the digital generation to try something different is to use lots of visuals. Just as restaurants publish images of their dining areas and their menu items online, with the introduction of KIC Stacks View, libraries can now make images of their stacks and bibliographic records available visually online as well.

The digital age has brought with it many changes, most desirable, some less so. When patrons students enter higher education, they naturally expect far greater sophistication than they experienced in high school. To them, that means that everything that can be digital, should be digital. It is not obvious to them that the great value in the vast print collections in their college libraries is in the content. They probably don't know that it's cost prohibitive to purchase a digital version of every print item. Their appreciation of the library's stacks must be built from scratch, The best starting point... their digital world.

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Patrons Students can view any shelf of your entire print collection with KAT, virtually.

Patrons Students expect academic libraries to be digital. Their expectations are not about efficiency, effectiveness or cost. They are simply common digital age assumptions.

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KAT reports book availability if supported by your ILS

KAT displays book cover images when available

Use KAT's Library Search screen to find a book by keyword, title or author, then touch to view bibliographic information for any book in the search results.

Zoom from Stacks View to Shelf View and touch to view bibliographic information for any book.

Faculty Member's Recommended Reading List John Beal and Library

Professor: G. Patterson

Course ID: QMB4061

Faculty selects volumes and KAT does the rest.

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