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Print Books on Demand

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With KIC's new Print On Demand functionality, patrons can quickly and easily order printed books of photo albums, scrapbooks, photos, recipe cards, book excerpts, loose papers, newspaper & magazine articles, and more.

Clip, crop, rearrange pages and then choose the kind of book, pages and quantity desired. Order your original book(s) using KIC's simple "shop-online" interface to find the best value and pay with your credit card. Your books will be printed, packaged and shipped to you within days!

Print On Demand

Bring Many New Patrons to the Library with Print on Demand Made Easy

Your library can offer a great new service ...

composing digital books and even
getting them printed - very affordably!

Make color glossy hardcover books from your own personal and family archives. Bring
your photo albums, scrapbooks, loose photos, birthday cards, wedding invitations, reci-
pes and historic family documents to the library and compose a digital book for archival,
and order printed books for yourself and as gifts for family and friends.

  • Make a Family Recipe Book

  • Create a Book of Your
    Childrens’ Art & Schoolwork

  • School Children Can
    Create Their Own Books Too!


What Kind of Book
Do You Want to Make Today?

  • Scan your materials at the library

  • Add emojis, annotations, borders & frames

  • Order your custom book!

Copies of your photo albums make easy gifts for Christmas,
birthdays, etc. With KIC POD for Library Patrons, it’s easy
to make exact copies or add text, emojis, lines, frames
and borders.

Preserve your scrapbooks digitally with KIC, then print copies
to share with family and friends. Make exact copies or move
some pictures and other items around, and add text
and graphic accents, too.

Delight your class with a memory
book just for them. Include projects,
stories, and great photos that
establish deeper bonds and more
appreciation for each and
every child.

Every family deserves at least one book
about its history. The oldest pictures can
be enlarged to fill a page, and dramatized
with a simple heading on a black back-
ground. With KIC, the formatting possi-
bilities are endless

Turn loose photos of your big family
vacations into coffee table books.
Add titles, stories and captions.
And dress them up with graphics.

Relive your travel experiences and
share the fun with friends and family
with your own beautiful, full color,
glossy coffee table book chronicling
your adventures. Making treasured
memories is easy with KIC.

Fill each page with a drawing or painting, or resize
them and compose pages with text, emojis, etc.
Add your child’s age or year in school, the event and
location and other notes and information. With
KIC, it is easy to compose two pages at a time, too.

Organize recipes by cuisine type, meal,
or other motif. Resize to fit two on a
page. Add headings and other com-
ments, and an occasional emoji.
Print a copy for each of your friends and
every member of your family.

If your parents or your kids never got
around to composing a Wedding album,
now is the time and the library is the
place to compose a beautiful wedding
album and make a copy for every
family member.

Making a book is a great way to share
special hobbies of your children, you or
your spouse and your parents. All you
need to do is bring the photos and some
ideas to the library.

POD Interface

How to Edit Images in KIC

KIC makes adding annotations and emojis to any page simple. Start by using a KIC station at your library to scan materials (photographs, magazines, albums, maps,...) Then touch the "ANNOTATIONS" button on the touch screen to see everything you've scanned on screen. Now just touch the desired editing tab and add annotations, emojis, frames to any or all pages.

How to Edit Images in KIC

Select any emoji or any clip from the clipboard and drag it to the main page. Resize, rotate, and move it anywhere you like. You can move more emojis and frames to the same page, add annotations, and reposition until you're happy with the layout. In the example below, we scanned a simple photo of Leon and then added emojis and annotations to make a soccer party invitation that can be saved as a PDF and stored for emailing and/or printing.

Select emojis
Soccer Party

Any emoji or clip can be selected and rotated, resized, copied, and repositioned until you're satisfied with the results. When you're ready, just press "Publish".

Add, Resize & Rotate Emojis

Scan with KIC and modify pages by adding emojis using the gestures illustrated below. Add and manipulate boxes, arrows, characters and frames to enhance page layouts. Place lines, rectangles, and circles anywhere on the page. Resize frames around objects or fill shape(s) with color and use them as a background for annotations.

Add, Resize & Rotate Emojis
Add, Resize & Rotate Emojis

A title annotation was added in blue along with a smaller subtitle in black. Also a black line emoji was placed and stretched to make borders along the top and bottom of the photograph.

In addition, paw emojis were selected and moved to the image, resized, and placed in a line along the bottom of the page to add an accent that complements the content of the photo.

Add, Resize & Rotate Emojis

Title, subtitle and date annotations were added to describe the photo content. Agree circle was added and an annotation was placed on top of it for greater impact. In addition, a colorful frame was placed around the photo.

Your library becomes a place where your community
comes to create gifts of wonderful memories for:

Before the digital age, tens of billions of print photos were created. Making photos then was not so easy as it is now. Print photos are typically very precious. All across America, these print photos are locked away in drawers and in boxes in closets and cabinets.

Your library can solve this problem at essentially no cost. By redirecting copier budget money to acquire at least one KIC system, your library can add fast and easy digitization, the modern green alternative to copying. KIC can create paper copies and send faxes, and it meets all the digital age needs of your patrons.

With KIC, patrons can bring in their vital records, their tax documents and other financial records, and their print photos, and create digital records and archives. Thousands of photos and tens of thousands of documents can be stored on USB flash drives for a few dollars each. Safeguarding important documents and special memories has never been so easy or effective. It makes sense that the community library provide this vital service.

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
KIC Composer and POD Turn Sweet Family Memories into Wonderful Gifts
KIC Composer and POD Turn Sweet Family Memories into Wonderful Gifts

In addition, KIC provides an amazing new service for your library patrons. Using its huge 24 inch touch screen and KIC Composer, virtually anyone can scan photos, birthday cards and memorabilia and digitally create very special digital scrap books and even order printed books, color glossy hardback, perfect bound or stapled. And KIC uses a marketplace to ensure that prices are reasonable.

Make a Family Recipe Book
Make a Family Recipe Book
Create a Book of Your
Childrens’ Art & Schoolwork
Create a Book of Your Childrens’ Art & Schoolwork
School Children Can
Create Their Own Books Too!
School Children Can Create Their Own Books Too!

Here’s how KIC POD works


Find your treasure trove of memories and take them to your local library! It’s time to bring those precious memories alive.

Find your treasure trove of memories
Find your treasure trove of memories

Scan - place your photos on a KIC scanner and press SCAN to quickly and easily produce digital images of your photos in just seconds.

Easily produce digital images of your photos in just seconds

Design - layout the pages of your book. All photos can be moved independently of each other. Move photos, change their positions, rotate, resize, re-order, add annotations, emojis, borders and more!

Design - layout the pages of your book
Design - layout the pages of your book

SHARE the excitement! Give your book as a gift to family members, keep a copy for your coffee table or with your family historical documents, and share the richness of your family history!

SHARE the excitement!
SHARE the excitement!

What Kind of Book Will You Create Today?

Make a Coffee Table Book of Photo Collections


Print an Unabridged Book of Family Recipes

pod customer

Print a Book of Your Family Vacation

POD Photos

Print Beautiful Bound Copies of Your Thesis

KIC’s POD (Print on Demand) feature is a self-serve alternative to the usual thesis
printing/binding vendors, using existing KIC system offered by the university library

Student Photo

Create Course Materials with Excerpts from Many Sources

With KIC in your library, instructors are no longer restricted to a single text book.
They can assign many excerpts from many books without adding to the patrons students' already high cost of text books.

Excerpts from Many Sources
KIC scanners for any budget

KIC scanners for any budget...

KIC Print on Demand

KIC for Sprout Pro by HP
KIC Click Mini
KIC Bookeye 4 V3
KIC Bookeye 4 V2
Scan Bed Size
15.75 x 11.75"
Scan Area
19.2 x 12.3"
Scan Area
18.9 x 15.3"
Scan Area
24 x 18"
Scan Area
Face-Up Scanning (Easier, Faster)
Dual-Display Support (Touch & View)
Tabletop Models
Tabletop Models
Floorstand Model
Tabletop Models
Floorstand Model
Tabletop Models
Floorstand Model

KIC is also a Powerful Educational Tool

In the U.S. alone, DLSG book scanners are on 800 college and university campuses, including most of the top 100 and nearly all large campuses. With the introduction of the KIC Click Mini, KIC BookEdge and KIC for Sprout Pro by HP, KIC is now affordable for virtually all institutions of higher learning and full-service public libraries. Last decade, libraries typically 'added' several KIC book scanning kiosks for patron, student, faculty and researcher use, but since 2010 libraries have begun to replace their entire patron-use copier fleets with self-serve book scanning systems.