Helping to Justify Academic Library Budgets Since 2004

Company Profile

Since 1993, Image Access has been providing digitization workflow solutions to commercial markets. Having developed its own OCR, barcode reading and image treatment algorithms, Image Access is capable of meeting virtually any and all specialized digitization needs.

Motivated by a great lineup of hybrid library products under development, Image Access created the Digital Library Systems Group (DLSG) in 2004, a division whose sole responsibility is the ongoing development, service and support of the best hybrid library digitization products possible at prices that virtually any academic or research library can afford.

Over the years, the Image Access factory in Europe has produced a variety of high performance production scanners, including 600dpi book scanners with cool white LED lighting and built-in motorized cradle, large flatbed scanners that can scan 18x25 inches in full color in 3 seconds, and feed-through scanners capable of scanning large drawings and both sides of full broadsheet newspapers simultaneously. In addition, the Image Access factory provides its state-of-the-art scanner electronics to several major commercial scanner makers.

Image Access U.S. remains focused on enhancing its digital library software products while Image Access Europe continues to develop new and better scanners. Together, we're committed to providing ideal digitization solutions to libraries and other research institutions for the foreseeable future.