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KIC for Sprout Pro by HP

Scan, Print, Fax & Capture in 3D

Sprout Pro by HP G2

The KIC kiosk with the Sprout Pro by HP is an exciting new addition to the KIC family. With its state-of-the- art immersive and 3D scanning capabilities, Sprout Pro makes a great KIC system that is the most versatile in the KIC family. Its face up full-color scanning capability is easier to use than face down scanners and copiers. It’s easy on book spines, too.

  • Scan book excerpts into eReaders and tablets for Read Along Audio and for visually impaired
  • Print, copy* or fax loose pages, photos, etc. for business, government and personal/family digital archives
  • Capture art, crafts and heirlooms in 3D for personal/family digital archives, and to Output to 3D printers (makerspaces)
  • Create digital scrap books with easy to use composing features and order color glossy printed books
  • Scan important documents for safekeeping
  • For student patrons, enhanced reading retention and learning effectiveness and efficiency up to 20% !
Sprout No Copiers

With its copier replacement option (a fast duplex paper scanner, fee collection support and special user interface), KIC for Sprout Pro replaces multifunction copiers with 21st century hybrid library technology.

Sprout Users
Sprout Users
Sprout Users

Scan, Print, Fax & 3D...

Scanning with KIC is very visual and easy. Unlike face down copiers and flatbed scanners, KIC for Sprout Pro offers face up scanning, which lets users see what is being scanned. After they scan, the images appear on the large (23.8” diagonal) screen. Before saving, emailing, printing or faxing, users know without doubt what they will get. In fact, if the user sees a problem, the page can either be rescanned or corrected using KIC’s easy to control image editing features. It’s large touch screen also makes operating KIC much easier than operating a copier. In stark contrast, copiers have tiny control/view screens.

Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

Where do the electronic documents and pictures that are scanned go?

The electronic documents and pictures can be stored in flash memory devices, smart phones,
tablets and computers, or saved to cloud storage services. They can also be emailed.

Sprout Smart Devices

A smart phone is a very convenient place to store important documents because your patrons will always have all of their documents with them, and because the documents can easily be viewed on their smart phone screen. And if they have USB flash drive or cloud backup for their phone’s content, they can even lose their phone and their documents will be safe.

Scan Family Photos, Photo Albums, Scrap Books and Other Archives

Most people over 40 years of age have collections of photo prints. This represents a very large percentage of the families in most communities in America, and most likely in your library’s community as well. In the digital age, it is compelling to have digital copies of these photos, and of children’s art and other special materials like family recipes. Note that KIC with Sprout Pro can scan up to 11x17 inch materials.

Sprout POD

Add KIC’s copier replacement option for a superior user experience

Sprout Copy

Copiers don’t need a big screen. The digital age is different. When documents become electronic, a big screen is needed to see them clearly. Even when scanning to simply fax, email or save the documents, it is very helpful to be able to see big, clear images of the electronic pages before faxing, emailing or saving them – there is always a chance that you didn’t scan exactly as intended.

Sprout vs Copiers

Note that while a large screen is important, all of the other features of KIC make a compelling argument for eliminating all copiers from the library floors and placing a KIC everywhere a copier once was. And the total cost of KIC is typically less than the total cost of the copiers that it replaces.

KIC and MyDocs

Powerful Study Aids for Your Student Patrons
With Tools that Enhance Reading Retention and Learning Effectiveness

Your student patrons can scan their study materials with KIC, select text, pictures and graphics that they need to review, and KIC will create a PDF file of the selected content, plus an audio file (MP3) of the selected text. Highlighted text can automatically be selected as well.

KIC and MyDocs

With MyDocs, users can find, view, email, print and fax directly from their phone with only a few swipes and touches. MyDocs also supports RSVP speed reading and lets students create flashcards from content scanned on the KIC system.

Textbook Content Flash Cards

MyDocs Flash Cards

Flash cards are a powerful alternative to highlighting text in text books

Using a KIC system, students can scan their textbook pages and in MyDocs, create flash cards from content that meets their specific study needs.

RSVP Speed Reading

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

When used together, MyDocs’ three main learning enhancement tools can dramatically improve the learning efficiency and effectiveness of a study session. Students can get a quick overview with RSVP speed reading, then use ReadAlong Audio for maximum retention, while pausing as needed to create flash cards for information bits that need further review and could be on a test. After finishing ReadAlong Audio, the student can practice and memorize with his personalized flash cards. Dividing studying into three very different parts also keeps study sessions lively and dynamic, and avoids the doldrums, which can waste a lot of study time.


Improve Reading Retention

With the touch of a button, all this can be transferred to MyDocs on their smart phone. Students can then listen to the audio of their review text while reading along - hearing while reading has been proven to substantially improve retention. Having KIC in your library can substantially improve the quality of education for your student patrons.

Read Along Audio lets students read text with synchronized audio playback of the text - great for retention.
My Docs
Sprout 3D Scanning

Scan Objects in 3D

This feature puts libraries squarely in the 21st century. Sprout Pro by HPprovides fast and convenient 3D scanning, producing 3D output that can be shared with friends and relatives around the world, saved for insurance or archive purposes, or even used to sell the objects online. While the 3D scanning is in process, the image forms on the screen, so your patron knows when the scanning is complete. It’s that easy

Note: Sprout Pro by HP 3D Camera app has some limitaitons, and not all objects can be scanned.

KIC Has Something for Everyone

Safely Store & Access Personal
Documents and Photos

$2 flash memory devices are now available at drug stores, convenience stores, even gas stations, making it affordable for virtually anyone to maintain multiple copies of all of their documents. Electronic documents on flash memory devices can be viewed and, if desired, printed, using PCs at your library or using tablets at your patrons’ homes. Even most smart phones can display documents stored in flash memory devices.

Save Precious Memories Minus the Clutter

Don’t throw away your family’s precious mementos! Store them all with less effort and next to no expense. Save them digitally, print a coffee table book that will preserve your family memories and spark conversations about the history, information, and wisdom that your family has collected over generations.

Sprout's Customers
“I actually considered throwing these works of art away, but couldn’t bring myself to do it! Now I have big beautiful digital images of all of them, and we can finally get our home more organized.”
Safely Store & Access Personal Documents and Photos
Cloud Flashdrive
With USB flash drives or cloud storage, losing your phone does not mean losing your documents. Some cloud storage services are even free. MyDocs even has an archive feature for letting users create multiple, secure copies.

Make Multiple Copies with Ease

“Backup copies in the digital age - I love it!”

Make Multiple Copies with Ease
Sprout's Customer

Enlarged Text for Visually Impaired Patrons

Patrons that have trouble reading the small text in typical books, magazines and newspapers appreciate the ability to enlarge the digital text produced by KIC.

KIC for Sprout Pro can be purchased separately or with KIC in a discounted bundle from the Digital Library Systems Group.

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